Messy Fun Journal Page

I created this page for the Simons Says Stamp And Show Challenge this week which is to make something messy! This is right up my street as I love nothing better than to get paint on my fingers and just play with colours and shapes.

As per usual I took a few photographs of the page as it grew so that you can see how I did it, I had a lot of fun with this page and I think it shows!

Step 1: I slapped on some paint onto my journal pages and added 2 circle shapes as you can see below:


Step 2: More paint colours added


Step 3: Using a plastic square template I placed it on the page and then painted over the top of it with white acrylic paint:



Step 4: I removed the template to reveal a squarish pattern


Step 5: Then placed a sheet of card over the top off it to tap off the excess paint:


Once I removed the paper it looked like this:


Step 6: I added some more layers of paint using the square template and a circle template


Step 7: I applied patches of white acrylic to the page, then sprayed them with water than pressed a kitchen towel over the top to create a texture in the paint


Step 8: I glued on some torn strips of paper:


Step 9: Added more papers, I tore off some strips of tissue paper which Id used to create crayon rubbings on.


Step 10: Using the lid off my acrylic paint I stamped some random circles on the page and also scratched on some lines using a credit card with black acrylic paint:


Another view of the page:


Step 11: Using a white and black gelly roll gel pen I added some scribbles on the page


Step 12: Then finally I added 2 pieces of paper one with a heart stamped on it, the other cut into a heart shape and added the ‘Forever’ dymo label on the centre of the heart.


Obligatory Close Ups:





Live Your Dream Journal Page

I created this page because I wanted to see what this method of creating a journal page would look like, I wanted to create a colourful metallic background and then stencil over in black to make the metallic part pop, I had no idea if it would work or not so decided to give it a whirl and see!

Metallic Negative Background Instructions

Step 1: To begin with I painted my page black using black gesso, then using the negative cut outs from my die cuts as a stencil I stencilled over the page using white and silver acrylic paints:


Step 2: Continuing with the same handmade stencil I added more layers of coloured metallic paints:



Another shot of the above background from a different angle:



Step 3: I decided to add a few more gold circles to cover the areas where there was no paint, the idea is to complete cover the entire page with as many different colour shapes as you can, you could also do this with ordinary acrylic paint too, I wanted to try it with metallics to see what it would look like.


Step 4: Using a large Crafters Workshop stencil I stippled black gesso through the stencil until the entire page was done, below is what it looked like after gesso-ing:


Step 5: I didn’t want to cover the design up as I liked how it looked so instead I found a small quote and stuck that on the bottom left hand side to finish.


Another angle of the finished page:


Obligatory Close Ups:





Creativity Journal Page

This is my C page for the February A to Z Of Me Alphabet Challenge, for this page we have to use the word Creativity in our page somehow and this is what I did.

I wanted to use the Einstein quote for this:

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge – Einstein

But instead of the word Imagination, I substituted and used the word Creativity and I also made a deliberate spelling mistake of the word Knowledge to prove my point with the quote 🙂

As per usual I took pictures of the process of my page so you can see my steps that lead me to my finished page below:

Last night I made a stash of rubbings using white tissue paper, a black crayola crayon and some metal embossing boards by Ten Seconds Studio I found cheap for £1 each online:


Step 1: I decided to use one of the crayon rubbings tissue paper backgrounds for the base of my page which you can see below before I added any colour to it


Step 2: I sprayed the tissue paper with blue, yellow and purple ink sprays and let them dry.


Step 3: While the background tissue paper was drying I drew a random border directly on my sketchbook pages using a white crayon and then swiped over the top of it using a radiant rain ink dabber.

Close Up:



The Border:



Step 4: I glued the tissue paper onto the journal page:


Close Up:


Step 5: I added the quote you see below, the Creativity word is made up of die cut alphabet letters from my Word Play Alterations Plate. The rest of the quote is stamped alphabet letters on white card. The flower on the bottom of the page is made up of 2 die cut floral shapes coloured in different shades of purple then overlapped.


Obligatory Close Ups:



The Silence Screams Journal Page

I created this page for Tracey’s prompt over on Cafe Dell Arte, her prompt this week was to use or be inspired by the following quote:

Silence gives us a new perspective – Blessed Mother Teresa

This prompt really made me think, I was unsure how to approach this prompt because being deaf I don’t find the same peace and serenity that most people find in silence, instead I see silence as a big black void of nothingness, a silence so loud it literally screams and pierces your core. I decided to do a page to represent this but I was stuck as to how I would convey this in my page.

I had a look through my stash of pictures Id cut out from magazines and found a picture of a young girl having a temper tantrum which to me represented exactly how silence made me feel and knew I just had to use it on my page.

I painted my journal page with black gesso, then glued on the girl picture:


Next I added some words which I also gesso-ed using my die cut letters: The Silence Screams In Darkness


Then finally once it was dry I outlined the words using a white gelly roll gel ink pen:



I decided it leave it like this as I wanted it to make a powerful statement without distracting from it and I wanted the black to overpower the page.

Obligatory Close Up Shot:




Gel Prints Handmade Greetings Cards

Its been a long time since I made any sort of greetings card so I decided to make all the gel prints I created the other day into art cards because I didn’t want to add anything else to the prints as I liked them just as they are.

I used black card blanks to mount the prints onto to create a nice contrast and on each card I added a dymo label word to finish them up. You can see them all below:
















And no blog post would be complete without the obigatory close up shot: