Mirror Image Journal Page

The February Challenge on the ‘Mixed Media Art Journal‘ facebook group is to create a page using repeat mirror images. I was initially stuck for ideas, wondering how I was going to go about this for my page then suddenly inspiration hit and off I went!

As always I have taken several photographs of the step by step process of how I created my page incase you too fancy having a go.

Step One: I divided my journal page into 4 sections in preparation using pencil and ruler.


Step 2: On a sheet of scrap paper I drew a rough leaf shape using a black marker.


Step 3: I cut out the shape with scissors to create a template.


Step 4: I drew round the leaf shape four times using a pencil to give me a visual idea of what my page would look like


Step 5: I completely covered bottom right section with torn book paper, and the bottom left section was first painted with yellow acrylic then stencilled over with pink dots.


Step 6: More stencilled circles where added to the bottom left section and I painted the top left section with purple acrylic.


Step 7: More painted circles added.


And more circles….


Then some more…


Total Circle Frenzy…

Step 8: I added walnut inks to the book papered page, then painted the leaf shape in black to finish. 


Obligatory Close Ups:







4 thoughts on “Mirror Image Journal Page

  1. Hi! I’m enjoying looking at your pages. Now I have a question I hope you won’t mind answering. (I am not a visual journaler–sometimes I do some art in my journal–mostly practicing drawing or something of that sort. Mostly my journal is written and intended as a place to work out problems or issues)

    The pages you are showing on your blog are beautiful and clearly take a lot of work. Each one is a piece of art. So my question is, why do you and other journalers work on journal pages rather than setting out to do the same thing only on a free standing page that might be for your display or for sale or …whatever else?

    I do entirely understand if there’s a technique you’d like to try, but your pages look way past that stage. I’m seriously looking for answers on this because when i set out to visual journal, i always end up quickly getting derailed by not knowing “why” I’m doing it! Thanks!

  2. One of the main reasons for me, working in a journal rather than stand alone pieces is because I live in a small place and don’t have the room to store different projects. A journal is more compact, I see journaling as my therapy, it helps me to cope with chronic pain, gives me a distraction and makes my heart happy.

  3. Thanks for your answer. It helps me understand. Also thanks for posting your art and your techniques–they’re inspiring and helpful!

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