Flat As A Pancake Journal Page

Pancake Tuesday

I created this journal page this afternoon for a challenge over on The Craft Garden.

The theme for the challenge was Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Tuesday in the UK, we were given an image to use as our inspiration which you can see to the left.

It features a group of housewives racing and tossing pancakes in the air, a strange British tradition that only us Brits can do so well!

I suppose I could’ve printed out the image and used it in my journal page but I couldn’t be bothered to get my printer out of the cupboard and wrestle with the single sheet feeder which never works so instead I got my thinking cap on and made something inspired by PANCAKES!

I’ve always liked playing with words and puns and generally talking nonsense so I decided to make a page which included the word pancake, which you can see below along with a couple of close up photos and steps of the process.

I really enjoyed making this page, thanks to The Craft Garden peeps for the inspiration!

Step 1: I glued down some torn scrapbook pages onto my journal page:


Step 2: I painted the page with burgundy acrylic paint, I watered it down a little when painting over the scrapbook papers so that you could still make out the print.


Step 3: I added some more scrapbook papers



Step 4: I added more printed papers then added die cut hinges and a printed picture of a diva from a collage sheet.






Step 5: I stamped the quote: No One Would Dare Say She Was As Flat As A Pancake Ever Again! And affixed it to the page, I added some copper paint to the hinges and some burgundy ink to blend the colours together.

IMG_2920Obligatory Close Ups: 




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