Evergreen Journal Page – Alpha Challenge

I created this page for the Craft Barn’s Alpha Challenge, the letter picked this time is the letter E, as always we have to pick out a word from the dictionary beginning with the letter E and use it as inspiration on our art and also feature the dictionary definition too.

I decided to go with the word EVERGREEN, as it was a chance to use my Pine Tree Die which I haven’t got round to using yet in art work and made a journal page inspired by this theme.

I had a lot of fun making this page and got to use my new-ish shredding scissors to make grass and bushes with too 😀

I took a few pictures of the page as I made it so you can see my process which are all featured below along with instructions.

Step 1: I sprayed blue ink onto the top part of the pages and heat set to dry.


Step 2: I sprayed green ink on some torn book pages and then used both green, blue and magenta inks sponged onto a piece of scrapbook paper.


Step 3: I glued the green book papers onto my pages.


Step 4: I tore some strips of green cardstock, and then using my shredding scissors I cut into the card at different angles to create the effect of bushy grass.


Step 5: Using my grass strips I layered and glued them onto the bottom of the pages to make grass.


Step 6: Using the negative part of the die cut as a stencil, I used a sponge and inkpad to stencil the colour direct to the page to create several pine trees.


The pine trees and grass:


Step 7: I glued the scrapbook paper onto the right hand side of the page.


Step 8: Using a pine needle rubber stamp by Fred Mullet I stamped a random border round the edge of the page.


Step 9: To finish I glued the dictionary definition on the page, stamped the word EVERGREEN using alphabet stamps and added a swipe of ink colour to the grass.


Obligatory Close Ups: 

IMG_2941 IMG_2942







17 thoughts on “Evergreen Journal Page – Alpha Challenge

  1. Beautifully crafted evergreen pages! Loved see your process to your finished page! Thanks for sharing that.

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