Vintage Scrappy Heart Page

When I started this page in my journal I had no idea what I was going to do or what theme my page would be, I started it out by gluing some of my small offcuts and scraps of scrapbook papers and just playing with the overlapping of the layers and colours.

I’ve decided to submit this page to the 613 Avenue Creates Challenge whose theme this week is ‘Anything Goes’  with an optional theme of Love’

This page didn’t take very long to create but I’ve still taken a couple of photographs of how I created it for anyone who is interested.

Step One: Random scrap papers and card stocks where glued across the page, I overlapped and layered them to create an interesting background.


Step Two: I watered down gesso and then brushed it lightly across the page then heat set it to dry.


Step Three: Using a paint brush and a coppery brown colour acrylic paint, I lightly brushed round the edges of every scrap of paper on the page and used my fingertips to blend the colours in, I also added the same colour to the journal page in between the paper scraps to give it a distressed effect.


Step Four: I used a heart stencil and sponged red inkpad colour through the sponge then sprinkled on glossy red embossing powder onto the heart and heat set it to melt the embossing powder. Once the embossing was cooled I stuck on the word LOVE which I cut from a collage sheet to finish.


Obligatory Close Ups:




4 thoughts on “Vintage Scrappy Heart Page

  1. Ok this is the 3rd time I’m trying to comment hope it works! It’s always nice to see different forms of art in the challenges! The creative process is a beautiful thing, even if it just starts out as pieces of scrap paper that turns out being a wonderful piece of art 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us and for playing in out neighborhood at 613 Avenue Create!


    My Creative Therapy

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