Faux Gel Plate Printing Technique

I’ve had my eye on the Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates for a while, I’ve seen some lovely backgrounds created with them and lots of inspirational videos but I really didn’t want to spend £20-£30 on something that:

a) I might not like and b) I might use it once then never again!

I know I could’ve easily made a temporary gelatine one to test first to see if I liked them, but to be honest to me it seemed like too much hard work and I’d rather stick pins in my eyes so I never bothered.

Instead I started looking on ebay to see if I could come up with something similar to work with at a fraction of the price and I think I found it!



Its a lot smaller than a gel printing plate at 5.8 x 3.5 inches and I have no idea how it compares with the real gel printing plate because I’ve never seen one to try, it only cost 99p including postage so I bought one to experiment with to see if it would work.

Its made of a very soft sticky rubbery like plastic and you know what? It really works! And I really think  the smaller size is perfect for printing postcard or even artist trading cards!

This is the side of the mat what is supposed to be used for ‘grabbing’ your mobile phone etc on, but I wasn’t interested in this side, I wanted to know what it was like on the BACK….


And LOOK at the back! Its perfectly smooth! And perfect for printing from!

So away I went, using various acrylic paints, 2 brayers (one for spreading paint on the plate and one for rollering over the back of the card to transfer the paint evenly) and a couple of stencils to do a ‘test run’ to see if my idea for a Faux Gel Printing Plate Technique works or not, it was like old times where I used to experiment with techniques for the CC Newsletter I did way back when……..

And you know what!? It did! It really worked!

And better yet I had the time of my life making prints and playing with paint layers as you can see from all the pictures below:

Stencil placed over Faux Gel Plate & Acrylic Paint squirted on prior to brayering the paints across the plate:


Faux Gel Plate with paint brayered through the stencil to reveal the pattern:


Faux Gel Print taken off the fake gel printing plate below:


Experimenting with placing die cuts on the faux gel plate to create shaped areas with no print on them:


The results of my faux gel printing experiments:





Obligatory Close Ups Of Faux Gel Printing Backgrounds:





I had so much fun this afternoon playing with acrylics to make these backgrounds!

I hope you too will enjoy making prints using your Faux Gel Printing Plates too! Don’t forget to share links of any creations you make in the comments section below 🙂


35 thoughts on “Faux Gel Plate Printing Technique

  1. just placed my order. Yes, it comes from the UK, but shipping is free. These will be excellent for postcards & ATC’s

  2. Brilliant idea Trish. I did experiment with making a gelatine plate but, really, not what I want to spend my time doing & it hogged space in the fridge. Plus I don’t like preplanning like that. If I get the inspiration I want to do it NOW.

  3. Trish, I’m so lucky that I spotted your “Mirror, Mirror” page over on Art Journaling for Women, and that it drew me over to your blog. I’ve only spent a few minutes here this morning, and already I have dozens of new ideas for things I want to try! Can’t wait to come spend more time, wandering through all your past projects!

  4. Thanks Becky, I love messing with inks and paints 🙂 if you check out the sidebar there is a link to my other blog called techniques zone where I archived some of my older projects before I started blogging.

  5. I have a regular size mousemat (99p onine) which I’m using very successfully, giving me a larger immage. Derwents Inktense Blocks also works very well.

  6. just tried your faux gelli plate tecnique had some fun waiting for them to dry love love the idea for atc backgrounds

  7. Hey Girlfriend! You and I are thinking alike. Name’s Suzanne Phillips and I live in Houston, Texas. About a month ago I saw a demo on the Gelli Art mono printing plate thing. The results were amazing and I, like you, am determined on finding a less expensive method. The 8″ x 10″ piece is $30!
    I have emailed two plastic companies asking if they carry the material and they are having a good laugh at the expense of my description. No luck there.
    I’ve figured out it is the same material I have seen used for gel window clings. Know what that is? Those little sticky jelly things you decorate your windows with. (I still have kids at home.)
    I even found out some information from US Customs. http://www.cbp.gov/linkhandler/cgov/trade/legal/informed_compliance_pubs/icp087.ctt/icp87.pdf
    Also, a adhesive called Zots uses the stuff for scrapbooking type stuff, but it’s little pieces.
    ….but not what I wanted to know.
    Then I found you!!!
    Your prints look every bit as good as the demo lady from Gelli Arts! So, being the tactile people we are, we search for that stuff and it has to be less expensive!
    So you found that car-phone-holder. Did you have it or buy it? Cost?
    What if we could get a bigger piece of it?
    If you like, I’ll let you know if I find out anything.

  8. OK I am new to this and am soooo confused. Are the decorated, or printed pictures you posted on paper or is this the gel thing? If the gel thing how do you put it on paper…can someone please e-mail me and let me know. The idea sounds really great.


  9. You put the paint on the plate & then press the card stock on top of the painted gel plate to transfer the paints. The cards I made are all prints taken from the plate, it’s kinda like a rubber stamp for making backgrounds that you can use your stencils etc with.

  10. Great job. I have been wanting a gelli plate but like didn’t want to pay that much for an unknown.

    I wonder If the company makes one for iPads or better yet laptops. The size would much bigger. Is it an English co.? I’m in the US so shipping would be too high.

  11. Hi…thank you for this…I’ve been trawling through ebay for something to replicate and then happened upon your blog….just great! Your prints are just gorgeous too…so vibrant 🙂

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