Metallic Floral Flourish Journal Page

You have probably noticed recently that I am creating a lot of art for and also mentioning a lot of different challenge sites and blogs lately, the reason for my doing that is not because I want to win anything but because Im using the challenges to give me ideas for journal pages and also to challenge myself artistically and hopefully try new things.

I have listed some of the blog challenge sites on a special page here on my blog, which you can find on the following link here:

Anyway I’ve been playing around with a new journal page today using my metallic markers and pens, over on Addicted To Stamps And More! Blog the challenge is to ‘Make Your Mark’ – in other words create art using markers and pens! I just knew I had to do this challenge as I am addicted to using my pens as you’ve probably noticed 🙂

As per I took some pictures of the process as I made my page so you can see how I did it.

Step 1: I started out with a page that I had painted brown with acrylic paint.


Step 2: Using black acrylic paint and stencils I painted on some designs onto the page:


Step 3: Next I placed 3 paper flowers on the page to use as masks.


Step 4: And painted over the top of them using burgundy acrylic paint


Step 5:  Then removed the flowers after Id painted them to reveal the floral petal shape.


Step 6: I painted some more burgundy on the page to create bordered areas.


Step 7: I painted black outlines round the petal shapes so that I could see them better.


Step 8: And then stencilled on some more designs


Step 9: And more stencilling, this time in white.


Step 10: Some yellow dots with acrylic paint.



Step 11: Then I swiped over the entire page using a red radiant rain ink dabber.


Then I dug out all my favourite metallic markers which I planned to use on this page which you can see below:


Step 12: A little gold pen colouring added.


Step 13: Metallic blue marker pen colour added:


Step 14: Metallic greens, red, pink and purple added


Step 15: More gold and blue highlights added


Step 16: I added highlights using white and black paint pens & my page was now complete!


Another view of my page, my camera doesn’t photograph metallic very well.


The obligatory close up picture:



9 thoughts on “Metallic Floral Flourish Journal Page

  1. Wow! what utterly amazing art work. You can tell how much you enjoy this work, so many necessary stages to the final result. brilliant. Thanks for sharing with us at Addicted to Stamps and More. Caz

  2. Stunning! It was really interesting to watch the photos of different stages, wow! You are really creative. Thanks for joining us this week at ATSM!

  3. Holy cow, this is unbelievable! Thank you so much for taking us through the process. It is wonderful!! Thanks so much for playing along at ATSM! xx

  4. Thanks for sharing all the steps involved in creating your piece. And cudos for remembering to take all the photos along the way (I tend to forget.)

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