The Silence Screams Journal Page

I created this page for Tracey’s prompt over on Cafe Dell Arte, her prompt this week was to use or be inspired by the following quote:

Silence gives us a new perspective – Blessed Mother Teresa

This prompt really made me think, I was unsure how to approach this prompt because being deaf I don’t find the same peace and serenity that most people find in silence, instead I see silence as a big black void of nothingness, a silence so loud it literally screams and pierces your core. I decided to do a page to represent this but I was stuck as to how I would convey this in my page.

I had a look through my stash of pictures Id cut out from magazines and found a picture of a young girl having a temper tantrum which to me represented exactly how silence made me feel and knew I just had to use it on my page.

I painted my journal page with black gesso, then glued on the girl picture:


Next I added some words which I also gesso-ed using my die cut letters: The Silence Screams In Darkness


Then finally once it was dry I outlined the words using a white gelly roll gel ink pen:



I decided it leave it like this as I wanted it to make a powerful statement without distracting from it and I wanted the black to overpower the page.

Obligatory Close Up Shot:





2 thoughts on “The Silence Screams Journal Page

  1. Oh Trish – We HEAR you. This page expresses your rage and frustration so well. Continue to use your art as a wonderful means to express your emotions. You are so talented and your story need telling. The black page and the screaming girl state it completely – silence like so many things means different things to different people. I love you – keep arting. You are tremendous.

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