Creativity Journal Page

This is my C page for the February A to Z Of Me Alphabet Challenge, for this page we have to use the word Creativity in our page somehow and this is what I did.

I wanted to use the Einstein quote for this:

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge – Einstein

But instead of the word Imagination, I substituted and used the word Creativity and I also made a deliberate spelling mistake of the word Knowledge to prove my point with the quote 🙂

As per usual I took pictures of the process of my page so you can see my steps that lead me to my finished page below:

Last night I made a stash of rubbings using white tissue paper, a black crayola crayon and some metal embossing boards by Ten Seconds Studio I found cheap for £1 each online:


Step 1: I decided to use one of the crayon rubbings tissue paper backgrounds for the base of my page which you can see below before I added any colour to it


Step 2: I sprayed the tissue paper with blue, yellow and purple ink sprays and let them dry.


Step 3: While the background tissue paper was drying I drew a random border directly on my sketchbook pages using a white crayon and then swiped over the top of it using a radiant rain ink dabber.

Close Up:



The Border:



Step 4: I glued the tissue paper onto the journal page:


Close Up:


Step 5: I added the quote you see below, the Creativity word is made up of die cut alphabet letters from my Word Play Alterations Plate. The rest of the quote is stamped alphabet letters on white card. The flower on the bottom of the page is made up of 2 die cut floral shapes coloured in different shades of purple then overlapped.


Obligatory Close Ups:



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