Live Your Dream Journal Page

I created this page because I wanted to see what this method of creating a journal page would look like, I wanted to create a colourful metallic background and then stencil over in black to make the metallic part pop, I had no idea if it would work or not so decided to give it a whirl and see!

Metallic Negative Background Instructions

Step 1: To begin with I painted my page black using black gesso, then using the negative cut outs from my die cuts as a stencil I stencilled over the page using white and silver acrylic paints:


Step 2: Continuing with the same handmade stencil I added more layers of coloured metallic paints:



Another shot of the above background from a different angle:



Step 3: I decided to add a few more gold circles to cover the areas where there was no paint, the idea is to complete cover the entire page with as many different colour shapes as you can, you could also do this with ordinary acrylic paint too, I wanted to try it with metallics to see what it would look like.


Step 4: Using a large Crafters Workshop stencil I stippled black gesso through the stencil until the entire page was done, below is what it looked like after gesso-ing:


Step 5: I didn’t want to cover the design up as I liked how it looked so instead I found a small quote and stuck that on the bottom left hand side to finish.


Another angle of the finished page:


Obligatory Close Ups:






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