Alpha Challenge M is For Manuscript Journal Page

Over on the Craft Barns Blog Alpha Dictionary Challenge it is time for the letter M to take a turn at the helm, there is an added twist to the challenge this week as we are only allowed to pick words beginning with the letter M from Ma to Me!! This actually made the challenge a lot easier for me because I never know what to pick when given and endless choice!

I opted for the Word MANUSCRIPT for my page because I love those big block graphical text backgrounds and it was the perfect excuse to get out a couple of my favourite stamps which I havent used for a while.

As usual I took a lot of pictures to share with you and I have to say I really enjoyed playing with the inks and stamps to create this page and tag because I revisited my old favourite colour scheme of natural browns and greens 😀

Step 1: I stamped the large manuscript text stamp on tissue paper – the stamp is by Stampington.


Step 2: I stamped a tag with a large manuscript background by Stampers Anonymous and a smaller text block stamp onto a strip of card also by Stampers Anonymous.


Step 3: I cut round the tissue paper images and glued them onto my journal page.


Step 4: I used a bone folder to score 2 folds into the card strip and cut away the corners so that they wouldn’t be disable when I glued it onto the page later.


Step 5: I added colour to the tag and card strip using Direct To Paper Technique and inkpads.


Step 6: Using a large Celtic stencil, inkpad and sponge I stencilled the design directly onto the tag and added the Celtic Blessings wording using my Dymo labeller:


Step 7: Using inks I splatted colour onto the tissue paper journal page leaving a gap in between the colours then sprayed with ink to blend them.


After Spraying With Water it looked like this:


Step 8: I glued the card tag slip onto the page as shown below:


Step 9: Added a nice lace ribbon to the tag and a tan coloured washer:


Step 10: Then slid the tag inside the slip to attach it to the page to finish (it can be removed with ease)


Dictionary Definition:


Obligatory Close Ups:





12 thoughts on “Alpha Challenge M is For Manuscript Journal Page

  1. ooo another beautiful page from you! I am envious of your script stamp collection 😀 Thank you for joining us again over at The Craft Barn x

  2. Nice stamps, Trish and I do like your choice of color combination. Overall very successful page. BTW, I certainly understand why you heart “sunshine.” We don’t get much of it in winter here either so it is a blessing when it shines, but those are also our coldest days.
    Coleen in Ukraine

  3. Love what you have created with those gorgeous stamps, fab techniques and wonderful colour combinations..Wonderful page Trish!

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