Spring Fling Tag Booklet Card

I decided to have a play around with tags and cards for a change instead of making a journal page, I used to be a bit of an avid stamper and card maker but had to give it up when my health became really bad a few years ago and started art journalling instead. So its been a long time since I’ve made any sort of greetings card!

Over on the Fashionable Stamping Challenges Blog, the theme this time is to use swirls in our artwork and also to incorporate stamping too! I had an idea in my head to make a tag booklet card so decided to make it for this challenge theme, as always I have taken a lot of pictures to share with you how I made it and enjoyed myself playing with tags and cards too!

Step 1: To start with, I took a sheet of A4 card stock and folded it approx 1 third of the way up from the bottom as you can see in the picture below:


Step 2: Next I folded the card in half as if I was making a folded greetings card blank like so:


Step 3: Then I folded the card again by pressing the edge of the card to meet the middle centrefold; I did this for both sides:


Below is what the card now looked like at this stage:


Card Opened Up:


Step 4: I stamped a script stamp using brown ink on the top half the of the card, and on the bottom half I stamped with a swirl stamp using pearlescant crimson ink.


Step 5: Next I added colour by smooshing the entire card with dye based inkpads:


View Of The Entire Card So Far:


Next Up I created some tags to go inside the card booklet, I layered with various stamped images then over-stamped with a silhouette stamp, colour was added to the tags using sprayed inks or direct to paper smooshing with inkpads, to finish the tags I highlighted the designs using a white gel pen (uniball signo):

IMG_3272 IMG_3272-001 IMG_3272-002 IMG_3272-003

Step 6: To assemble the tag pockets inserts I added a strip of double sided tape to the back of the swirl stamped flaps and then placed the tags into the pockets as you can see below:

IMG_3273Close Ups:



Step 7: Next I created a handmade greetings cards, using a strip of washi tape as an embellishment and a layered stamped and stencilled image as shown below:


Step 8: Using double sided tape I affixed the tag pocket inserts to the inside of the greetings card as seen below:


Below is the finished card, when you open the card up the tag insert booklet opens up like so:


Obligatory Close Up Shots:



7 thoughts on “Spring Fling Tag Booklet Card

  1. I think this is terrific…no question. But..I am having a hard time even trying to create some things I have come across in the craft world because I do not what the item’s purpose is.
    That is to say….you obviously cannot embellish these tags so the items can stay closed and flat. Otherrwise 3D tags I imagine are to be hung on something. Right?
    So what will the person do with all these tags? Use them as bookmarks? If so, why are they called tags?
    I think there must be something wrong with me or I do not belong in the craft world…becuase I find myself constantly asking what do you do with “so and so?”.

  2. That is fabulous Trish – I do hope you enjoyed making the tag card and that you will do many more!!! So nice to see you cardmaking again – did it feel as good to do it, as it looks??

  3. Love the tag booklet and the swirly pockets, it’s lovely to see it at Fashionable Stamping Challenges, thanks so much for sharing it with us.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

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