Painted Stencil Journal Style Cards

I really love playing around with acrylic paints and stencils to create multicoloured layers of coloured backgrounds in my art journals. They are my two favourite must have ‘go to tools’ that I use the most of!

I wanted to see how easy or how hard it would be to apply those same techniques and mediums to create artwork on a much smaller scale. To enable me to create handmade greetings cards in the style of art journal art.

This morning I sat at my art desk and decided to just play to see how this would work and this is what this is what I came up with:


I’m really liking how they look on handmade cards and they are pretty easy to make too.

I am also entering this into the challenge over on Country View Crafts which is a brand new challenge starting this month by one of my favourite UK crafting suppliers 🙂

Step 1: I took some postcard sized sheets of cards and repeat stamped background type images on them to take away that blank space look.


Step 2: I used various stencil designs by Crafters Workshop to add layers of colour using a stippling brush and various bright colours of acrylic paint to add layers of overlapping stencil designs.





Stencilling Tips:

Don’t over-saturate your stipple brush with paint as it will seep under the stencil plastic and smudge.

Heat set each layer with a heat gun but take care not to overheat as you will cause the acrylic paint to bubble


When changing paint colour squirt a little water on your brush and use the watered down variety of acrylic paint to add background colour to the card stock to clean your brush – no wastage!

There is no right or wrong way to stencil the layers as it is impossible to make a mistake; because if you do something you don’t like you can simply cover it up with another stencilled layer of colour. The trick is to keep going!

Step 3: Once I was happy with how the stencilling looked I stencilled a word image onto each design and affixed it to the front of a greetings card blank to make into handmade cards.

You can see the cards I made below, I took the photos on a slight angle because I wanted you to see all the different layers of colours and the rubber stamped design underneath all the paint layers:






4 thoughts on “Painted Stencil Journal Style Cards

  1. Wonderful Trish, I really love these, I reaally must be more bold and use sosme bright colours!!!

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