A Birthday Present

Tomorrow is my 45th birthday, my pardner in crime has bought me a new digital smart camera for my birthday!

I’ve been using my old Canon digital camera for years now since our fur baby was a pupster and she is nearly 9! While my old camera still works and there is nothing wrong with it I really needed a change because it is only 5 megapixels and I have found it a real challenge to get a good picture of the detail in my journal pages, particularly when I am using multiple layers, it simply just doesn’t pick them up.

My new camera is 16 megapixels so its a huge improvement on my old one with the added bonus that I can share images directly from the camera itself on facebook and other social media networks!

Below is a close up picture of my latest journal page which I took with my old camera:


The picture below is the same journal page taken with my new camera, the colours are more true and you can actually see the sharper stencil design detail in the background!



The pic above was my first shot so I need to practise and take lots of pictures to learn how to use it – cant wait as I love playing with gadgets 😀

Birds Of Sorrow Journal Page

I missed last weeks challenge on Simons Says Stamp and Show as I couldn’t create as I felt too ill, so I was determined not to miss it this week too! This week the theme of the challenge is to use quotes or music lyrics in our artwork, so I decided to make another journal page using one of my new bird stamps.

Step 1: I added a watercolour wash onto my page using watercolours:


Step 2: I used a radiant rain ink dabber to stencil the image through a Crafters Workshop stencil:


Step 3: Using light blue acrylic paint I stencilled a border on the page using another crafters workshop stencil:


Step 4: I repeat stamped my new bird stamp 3 times on the page using black brilliance inkpad:


Step 5: I cut up the quote and stuck it to my page and added a scribbled inky border around the words and a strip of printed scrapbook paper to finish.

You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head,

but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair

I decided to use this quote because I really love the sentiment of it, while we cannot control what happens to us in life, we can control how we react to it and also how we deal with it. Some people seem to thrive on misery and upset and then wonder why their ‘lot’ in life is always so hard!

IMG_3345Close Up:

P For Palmistry Journal Page

I created this page for the Craft Barns Alpha Challenge, this week it is the turn of the letter P! So I flipped through my dictionary for inspiration and decided to choose the word PALMISTRY!

To start with I drew around my hand on my journal page using a pencil, then went around the outline using a black sharpie pen:


Next using the same black sharpie pen, I drew random blocked areas around the outline of my hand:


Using a fineliner size 00.5 drawing pen I scribbled with the shapes to make patterns, then stamped a Hampton Arts Palmistry stamp in the middle of my hand shape:



Finally I added colour using watercolours I dripped the colours directly into sprayed water on the page to create a wash on my hand, I decided to leave the doodled part plain for contrast:


Rubber Finger Groomer Paint Tool

On Monday after my usual routine blood tests at the hospital we went to the large pet store in town to pick up some cat food and doggy chews for our fur babies, whilst pacing the aisles of the store I noticed this nifty little rubber finger groomer for using with small animals:



When you flip it over, this is what it looks like on the reverse side:


IMG_3343I’m always on the look out  for things I can use in my art so I decided to get one to experiment with and see what I could do with it, at the very least I figured I could use it to make multiple stamped dots on my handmade backgrounds.

Here are the results of my experimental dabblings:

First up I did some basic stamping with it, on the left I used an inkpad, and on the right I used acrylic paint:


The next thing I tried doing with it was creating scratchy puddles, to do this I first splodged the paint on the page like so:


Then using the tool I scratched the paint outwards to create a scratchy puddle:


I really liked the effect of this so decided to use it on one of my Dina Wakley stencil girl shapes below:



Once I’d scratched the stencil design onto the page I flipped the plastic stencil mask over to create a scratchy stamped mirror image as you can see below:


The picture below is just random scratching of the tool with paint to create marks on the page:


In all I really like this new paint tool I’ve found and can see me using it more often in my backgrounds and journal pages. If you would like to pick one up yourself you can get them from Pets At Home and possibly other pet stores too.

Since I’ve taken these pictures I have now cut off the key chain part and removed it from the tool as it was getting in my way when I was painting with it.