Crazy March Weather Journal Page

The weather here in the north of England has been downright bizarre lately! One minute the sun is cracking the flags, next freezing Siberian winds, snow storms and rain! Usually all within the same day! Normally this time of the year we have lots of lovely mild spring sunshine complete with lots of new leaves and flowers growing adding a much needed splash of colour after the long drab grey winter months.

I decided to dedicate a journal page to the strange weather we’ve been having which is what I have to share with you today, I took a few pictures for you to to look see at below:

I started off by gluing some pieces of book paper into my journal, I painted the book paper with 2 colours of green watercolour paint to make a grassy area. Next for the sky I painted the top half of the journal page with blue paint and then stencilled over the top of it using a Balzer Designs stencil in a different colour blue as you can see below:


Next I stencilled on some red flowers using another Balzer Designs stencil and acrylic paint, instead of using the stalks of the stencil that goes with this stencil design I instead used a vine stencil by Dina Wakley to create a different leafy stalky part using green paint as you can see below:


For this next step I stencilled on some snowflakes to represent the strange weather we’ve been having and added a blanket of snow to the bottom half of the page. To finish I stamped the words which you can see on the page with an alphabet rubber stamp set and affixed them to the page. I also highlighted around the edges of the designs on the page using a drawing pen:



Close Up Picture:




One thought on “Crazy March Weather Journal Page

  1. You certainly have captured the recent weather patterns Trish. Really like your style and creativity – in the USA we have had the same kind of freaky weather. Thank you for sharing. I miss you when I don’t see your post.

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