P For Palmistry Journal Page

I created this page for the Craft Barns Alpha Challenge, this week it is the turn of the letter P! So I flipped through my dictionary for inspiration and decided to choose the word PALMISTRY!

To start with I drew around my hand on my journal page using a pencil, then went around the outline using a black sharpie pen:


Next using the same black sharpie pen, I drew random blocked areas around the outline of my hand:


Using a fineliner size 00.5 drawing pen I scribbled with the shapes to make patterns, then stamped a Hampton Arts Palmistry stamp in the middle of my hand shape:



Finally I added colour using watercolours I dripped the colours directly into sprayed water on the page to create a wash on my hand, I decided to leave the doodled part plain for contrast:


10 thoughts on “P For Palmistry Journal Page

  1. ooo I really like the contrast of your hand & the doodling! I am very impressed that you kept the doodling background free from paint too Trish. Karen from The Craft Barn x

  2. The contrast between the black and white tangles and the coloured hand is fabulous. I also love that the background is so orderly and graphic and the hand so organic in its shapes. Great word…love that stamp.

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