Birthday Snow Gift Journal Page

I created this journal page yesterday morning, while taking out dog out to do her morning ablutions yesterday I noticed a few flurries of snow falling to the ground. I immediately had a flashback to when I was a small child telling my grandparents that I wanted it to snow on my birthday, infact I wished it would snow on my birthday every year and it never happened until yesterday! I like to think of this as a spiritual gift from my dearly departed grandfather, which is what inspired me to create the following journal page.

Step 1: Using a palette of watercolour paints I randomly added various colours of blue and purple to the page as below:


Step 2: I sprayed the entire page with water then closed the pages to create a monoprinted page sandwich, when I opened the pages back up the colours had blended and transferred to both sides of the pages as below:


Step 3: I repeat stencilled the Echoes design stencil by Balzer Designs over the page using light blue acrylic paint:


Step 4: I stamped a script image on the sun and bird die cuts then added colour to them using inks and direct to paper techniques then affixed them to the lefthand side of the page. Next I painted some cogs and sun die cut shapes with white acrylic paint and when they were dry I glued them onto the page to represent artsy fartsy snowflakes of sorts. Finally I stamped out the words you see below using a small alphabet stamp set  and then added an outline to all the elements using a black drawing pen to complete.