Two Journal Pages To Share

I finished up these 2 journal pages recently which you can see below, both of these pages were created on what I call my mop up pages – your probably wondering what a ‘Mop Up Page’ is? Well here is an explanation…

I always have a large oversized A3 pad of artist paper open on my desk that I always work on when I’m creating. I use this pad of paper to squirt paint on that I use in journals or other art projects. I also mix colours on it, clean my brushes on it, tap the negative print off stencils on it and drip off excess ink onto it. As I’m using the mop up page I turn it around on my desk so that I fill every spare scrap of the page. After a while it starts to resemble artwork so I enhance it further and deliberately use it for journal pages at this point.

You Have Reached The Limits Of My Medication Page:

The page below with the 2 mirror image stencil girls is for my own prompt on Cafe Del Arte which is to ‘Inject a little humour into your art journal pages’ , you may recognise the images from my earlier experiments using a rubber pet groomer to make the designs on the following link:¬†



Forever Spring Page:

The page is also for a challenge on the same group mentioned previously for a Spring prompt, I actually remembered to take a photo of the page before I finished it off, the top half of the page which you can see in the picture below is a piece of mop up page that I glued inside my journal and I added further embellishment to the background using a Vine Stencil design which I later added colour too using Tintz green ink: