Card Making Revisted

Yesterday I finished off making some cards, I had previously stamped the images on cards and tags and they just needed assembling to make into cards which I hadn’t gotten round to doing till yesterday. I think I may have been bitten by the card making bug again as I really enjoyed making them too much!

58564_10152093880407923_1767531949_n 58564_10152093880407923_1767531949_n-001 479887_10152093879962923_885740730_n 546086_10152093879562923_2037945094_n 546086_10152093879562923_2037945094_n-001 537386_10152093879167923_1118638881_n 537386_10152093879167923_1118638881_n-001 543130_10152093878477923_1967364309_n 543130_10152093878477923_1967364309_n-001 150129_10152093877772923_1699091954_n 150129_10152093877772923_1699091954_n-001


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