Altered Light Bulb Muse Doll

These days all our lightbulbs are all them energy saving spiral things which aren’t exactly pretty to look at, I had an old style bulb that didn’t work and I didn’t want to throw it away so I decided to use it for a project.

I initially applied black tar gel medium all over the surface of the bulb to add a texture and then put the bulb inside an empty herb jar so it could air dry. I forgot all about it and came back to it a few days later and realised that the black tar gel had caused the bulb to become glued fast onto the herb jar!

Rather than panic I decided I might as well let the herb jar be part of the project and that it could be the main body of a muse doll, because prior to that point I had no idea which way I was going with this lightbulb project!

The muse doll looked a little bare at this point so I decided to give her a pair of wings which are actually made from grungeboard which I attached using modelling medium and then when it was dry I added black tar gel for texture.

Next I decided she needed a face, so I made some faces  using clay and a pushmold and affixed that to her head using modelling medium.

Colour was added to the entire thing using black gesso, when the gesso was dry I used silver acrylic paint and my fingertips to add highlights to all the raised textured areas.

Here is my finished doll, totally different to what I usually create it was a fun journey and I enjoyed giving her life.

Front View:


Back View:


Close Up:


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