Alpha Challenge W For Weave Journal Page

Its time for another letter of the alphabet for the Craft Barns Alpha Challenge, this time is the turn of the letter W with an added twist to include circles in our work. I love a good challenge and at first couldn’t decide whether to go for Web or Weaving, in the end weaving won because I love to play with paper strips!

This time I actually remembered to take some step by step photographs!

To begin with I cut out a circle shape using a circle punch from my journal page:


Next I painted the entire page with black gesso:


I then flipped the page over and drew pencil lines to mark a grid to allow me to cut along them with a craft knife to make holes to do the paper weaving through:



Using my stash of offcuts I began weaving the strips through the holes:


Once Id finished weaving I added the dictionary definition so that it was showing through the punched circle hole as you can see on the finished picture below and added a little doodled border using a silver gel pen:


Close Up Of Definition:


14 thoughts on “Alpha Challenge W For Weave Journal Page

  1. Hi Trish – love your page. Its so different with the weaving technique you have used and your doodles just set the page off.

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