Handmade 6×6 Stencil Storage Box

I’ve been searching for the perfect storage solution for my 6×6 stencils for a little while now and didn’t like what was available.

Some people store their stencils in plastic presentation pockets but I wanted something more accessible and easier to “grab and go” when I am in the middle of an arting session.

I was staring at an empty box of cat food pouches when it hit me that they were the perfect size for the stencils! So off I went…

The cat food box prior to arting:


Using watered down glue and torn book papers I completely covered the box like so:


Once this had dried overnight I applied a wash of watered down white craft acrylic paint. Then I used bright pink acrylic paint to randomly stencil over the box.





Another box I decorated:



My new storage boxes for stencils and tape on my shelf:


The good thing about these new storage containers is that I can make lots more as the cat gets through a lot of them!


8 thoughts on “Handmade 6×6 Stencil Storage Box

  1. What you need Trish are the Whiskas boxes form the 48 sachet packs they are much longer thinking 6×6 pads maybe and they are cheapeer at the moment

  2. The Felix boxes are perfect size for 6×6 stencils and pads of paper too if you wanted to make storage for them, our cat hates Whiskas so no good me buying them 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pussies anymore, (and when I did they would not eat Whiskas!!) but I think the large “Yorkshire Tea” boxes will work – will let you know next time I empty one!!

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