Art Doodle Love Book Doodle Pages

A few blog posts ago I mentioned that several of us creative friends are embarking on a group project of working in the art doodle love book together.

Well I actually lost my book under a pile of art stuff and yesterday I found it again so I was able to make a start on a couple of pages which I am sharing with you now.

These are very rough scribbly type doodles with not very much thought gone into them, I actually love to work like this as it can be very calming, you almost enter a Zen like trance as you let your pen make the marks on the pages.


As you can tell from the the theme of the following 2 pages I was still struggling with that pesky muse of mine :/




3 thoughts on “Art Doodle Love Book Doodle Pages

  1. these are yummy! I especially love the first one … so the book sort of has backgrounds and prompts? Sounds like a perfect practice of showing up, meditation doodling.

  2. Yep the book is full of colour pages, doodles and prompts to get you started, you doodle right in the book. It’s kinda like a smashbook crossed with a grown ups version of a wreck this journal book. Good quality paper inside the book too!

  3. Just discovered your blog when I was searching on Pinterest for doodles and zentangle! For some reason, your blog struck a note within me so I’m following it. I love your doodles and musings.

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