Upcycled Cereal Packet Rub-Ons Box File

I’m still going through my upcycling stage! I can’t bare to part with any packaging at the moment, so I’m using it all in my creations.

I wanted a file to store my Rub-Ons sheets so I decided to recycle a cereal box for my purpose.

To begin with I measured out the size I wanted the box file to be then cut it down using a craft knife. I applied masking tape over the entire outside of the box to give it some strength.


Next I used watered down glue and torn book pages to completely cover the box and then left it to air dry for a couple of days


I decorated it with layers of blue acrylic paints in various shades and stencils



I added a punch out circle and stamped the word “rub-ons” and glued it on the spine which you can see in the picture below


You’d never guess that it used to be a box of cereal from the pictures above would you?! I’m starting to look at cereal packets in a whole new light now! I’m never going to throw another one away again!


9 thoughts on “Upcycled Cereal Packet Rub-Ons Box File

  1. What a fabulous project! I have sooo many uses for this. Bummed out the recycling got taken away today! Have to start eating more cereal I guess, haha, Thank you so much for sharing this :0)

  2. I was wondering what do with all the cereals I have left over from when my husband was alive. Now I can eat them (as part of my economy drive) and use the box for making containers as you show – will use mine for keeping stencil sheets.

  3. Striking project Trish and a great way to recycle. Thanks for joining in our GD challenge this week.

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