More Upcycled Storage Boxes

Here are a couple more storage boxes that I made out of mailing boxes which I recieved in the mail.

I cut them down using a craft knife to get the shape I wanted, then I completely covered the entire boxes with torn papers from a paperback book and glue. Once the layers had dried I applied a wash of gesso, then painted the box with various colours of acrylic paint.

This is the box I made for my collection of post cards that I use for collaging and altering:


I think all the ruffles on BBC’s The Tudors tv show are rubbing off on me!

More pictures of the different angles:



This is the file I created for storing my collage sheets in:


Different angles and close ups of the copper thistles:




I’m enjoying this upcycling kick I’m on at the moment! Can’t wait to see what I can make next!

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