More Upcycled Storage Solutions

I’ve been very lacking in the blogging department lately, but I promise you I haven’t neglected my arty pursuits!

Continuing on with my current obsession of making storage and upcycling, I have made a couple more boxes!

As usual I have pictures to share.

The first one I have to show you was created from a long cardboard box that was part of the crate that the cats foil trays were delivered in.

I made some cuts in the cardboard using a craft knife, then glued in some shelves using glossy accents, then placed stuff on top to weight it down whilst it dried like so:


Once the glossy accents had dried I cut off the excess shelving, covered with masking tape, then glued on torn strips of packing paper


Once the glue had dried I glued on half circle die cuts all over the outside of the shelf


I then painted the entire thing both inside and out with deep turquoise acrylic paint, once the paint was dry I embellished the paper circles with green interference medium to give it a mother of pearl shine



Close up



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