Large Upcycled Printers Tray Style Shadow Box

I made this storage contraption using 8 empty boxes of Felix cat food which I joined together to make one large printers style tray. My biggest shelf to date!

Step 1: I cut all the boxes down to a 2″ height and then used masking tape to stick all the boxes together:


Step 2: I glued on torn book papers all over the boxes both front and back and left it to air dry naturally for a week:


Step 3: Once dry I painted it with a wash of white gesso, then I watered down some green acrylic paint to give it a thin coating on the inside of the boxes.

The outside was painted with burgundy tan acrylic paint that I mixed myself by combining 2 colours together. Once it was dry I then stencilled on the outside of the frame with a bright green colour acrylic paint.






Now I need to decide what to store on it! Any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Large Upcycled Printers Tray Style Shadow Box

  1. What size is this? Does it lay flat or do you stand it up? It looks like alot of work but is pretty darned neat, just using boxes. I don’t know if I’m that ambitious but love getting your posts! If it stands up, I think I would use it to store my acrylic paints on as I can never find the one I want. I keep them in a basket now. Maybe I would also store my little containers of buttons and brads, and things that are small and light. Maybe some of my rolls of lace too.

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