Love And Luck Art Canvas

About a year ago whilst out on our daily dog walkies, my partner found a patch of four leaf clovers all growing together! We picked a grand total of 8 lucky 4 leaf clovers and when we got home placed them inside one of my journals to press them and we forgot all about them until now.

I decided after much prompting from the other half (!) that it was time to use them in a crafting project.

Initially I was a wee bit scared of embarking on this craft project because I was scared I would ruin the lucky clovers so it took me a while to figure out the best way to protect them and display at the same time.

I decided upon shrink plastic and glossy accents to showcase the clovers, this is the steps I took to create the finished project.

Step 1: I cut 4 sheets of shrink plastic into quarter sized sheets, punched a hole with a single hole punches, rounded the corners with scissors and then sanded one side using sand paper to give it a little grit.

Step 2: I smooshed a dye based ink pad across the sanded side.


Step 3: I immediately stamped the shrink plastic with a text background stamp.


Step 4: I heated the shrink plastic to shrink it.

Shrink Plastic Tips:

Always use a non stick surface to heat shrink the plastic on.

If you place and hold a wooden paint brush over the shrink plastic as you heat it, helps stop the pieces from curling up and sticking together.

Additionally once you’ve shrunk the plastic while it is still warm, I always press it flat using the back of a wooden handled rubber stamp to completely flatten it.


Step 5: Once I had shrunk all the pieces I decided I wanted to make some heart shaped shrink plastic embellishments, I created them exactly the same way as I made the little script backgrounds above.

Step 6: using glossy accents I glued the shrink plastic hearts onto half of the backs and 4 leaf clovers onto the rest, I also added a coat of glossy accents on top of the hearts and leaves to protect them and set them aside to air dry overnight:


Step 7: My next step was to create the canvas background to showcase the little embellishments. I took a large canvas and randomly glued scrap papers onto it like so:


It looked a bit bare so I added a few more scraps:


Step 8: Once the glue was dry I coated the entire canvas with a watered down milky mix of gesso and water and let it air dry.


Step 9: I used various shades of green paint to paint over the entire canvas, if you add a little water or gel medium you can make a more transparent colour so that the patterns on the paper are still visible underneath.

This is a good way to make backgrounds in your journals or on canvases, you can use the paper shapes as guides when painting.

This is what the canvas looked like:


Step 10: While the canvas was drying I worked on finishing off the hearts and clover embellishments, I threaded twine through each of the holes, tied the twine into knots, and then fastened them onto some natural bark wooden pencils I’d bought:


Then I added the hearts:


Step 11: For my final step I glued the pencils onto the canvas using glossy accents:


The pictures don’t do it justice because of the flash, but it has a lovely earthy feel to it, I’m so glad I plucked up the courage and made this!

More piccies:



3 thoughts on “Love And Luck Art Canvas

  1. You never cease to amaze me and inspire me! You also make it sound so easy – yet it comes out as a beautiful, original work of art. I have some fall leaves I’ve saved. Maybe I will try this technique myself. If I can just find my artsy/craftsy “mojo” again. :/

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