My Desk Area

I’ve been using a tall media tower traditionally used for storing DVDs and Cds to hold my stash of acrylic paints in.

Today I had the idea of flipping the media tower round and placing it horizontally across my desk so that I could access the paints easier and store stuff on top of it too.

This is what my work desk looks like at this moment in time, it’s quite tidy-ish for once because I am in between projects deciding what to create next so it won’t stay like that for very long!

The piece you can see on my desk is the large pad of artist paper I always work on to catch all the drips, and wipe off excess paint and test colours on as I am working.

I’m linking this to the WOYWW What’s On Your Worktop Wednesday blog while the idea is fresh in my head before I forget!



9 thoughts on “My Desk Area

  1. Brilliant idea. In my first house we put a DVD tower on it’s side against a skirting board as the ceilings were really low. It still worked really well for storage!

  2. Love the idea with the CD tower – will keep a look out for one, it sure tidies things up. Shall I come back later when you’ve crafted a bit…. lol
    Bishopsmate #82

  3. I love how organized you are. I am not very good at the whole organizational skills. Though I do have what I call organized chaos. Maybe you could check out, they are having a Summer of Color challenge. Each week you get to design whatever your choice of Art is in the colors that are picked based on the weekly poll. I haven’t ever really joined in blog challenges or WOYWW, this is all a new experience for me. I linked over to your blog from WOYWW, but I have actually come across your blog before in a google search on Art Journaling. You are very talented. Ok I have rambled long enough. Happy painting/journaling!!!

  4. I love your way of organizing your paints and tools… it’s always fun to see the ‘solutions’ that other artists find/have. Have a creative week! Happy ~ belated ~ woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #91

  5. G’day Trish
    just dropping by for WOYWW even though I am late as usual. We meet again LOL…funny how we all pop up in the same places over the years. Love how neat you are woman…can you come and tidy me up here in Oz?
    Annette In Oz #23

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