Textured Canvas

I created this wall canvas using all the teeny weeny itty bits and pieces that were lying around on my work table.

I had lots of tiny bits of string, paper punch left overs,  offcuts, card I’d cut and trimmed on my table and general bits of crap! Usually I would toss the lot in the bin as the bits were far too small to do anything with.

This time instead of throwing them away I glued all the bits to a canvas to see what kind of texture they would give.

Once the glue was dry I painted over with a layer of gesso and added a few spots of crackle paint and left it to dry.

I then painted the whole thing in a wash of purple and pink acrylic paint, to make a wash I put the paint on the canvas then spray a lot of water onto the paint using a spritzer spray. This waters the acrylic paint right down and enables you to create a more transparent covering.

I added highlights using violet interference medium untill I was happy with how it looked.

Here it is below:


Close ups of texture:




2 thoughts on “Textured Canvas

  1. Love the texture. Would make great book covers. Super way to use scraps too.

    Stencils are my designs made by the DH. Some are in my ebay shop. I have to add a couple of the new designs we did yesterday.

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