Alpha Challenge Letter B For Blue Journal Page

It’s that time again for the new alpha challenge over at The Craft Barn, this time is the turn of the much loved letter B!

I had a real blast making this journal page, I chose the word BLUE because it’s one of my favourite colours and started out with a rough use of swirly stripes and just went with it!

Lots of pictures of how I made it below:

Step 1 – I used a pencil to draw stripey waves on the page:


Step 2 – I added various shades of blue paint and ink on the page and let it dry (well actually the truth is the cat wouldn’t let me sit on my chair till the next day so I had no choice!)


Step 3 – I applied glue to one of the stripey areas and poured on some blue coloured sequins:


Step 4 – Using gel pens and drawing pens in shades of blue I added random lines and squiggles and at this point I hated what I’d created and considered painting it over and starting again:


Step 5 – Rather than scrap the page I decided to push on and see if I could improve it;

I took random scraps of blue coloured papers, blue corrugated card and blue sequins and just glued them all over the page. I also added some glittery dots using stickles and finally the dictionary definition for the word blue which I inked up with ink.


I like this page a lot better than I did initially and am glad I didn’t trash it!

Here’s a close up of the definition:



17 thoughts on “Alpha Challenge Letter B For Blue Journal Page

  1. Well I certainly am glad you didn’t trash it with – wonderfully creative with so much texture and color. Congratulations on a page very well done!!

  2. Wow! It turned out really well! So often I get to that point where I’m inclined to scrap something and then you find you can pull it all together. I love the abstract quality of this and how it ties in so well with the definition – blue can mean so much! Julie Ann x

  3. Love your Rhapsody in Blue, great textures and love all the different shades. MMx

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