A New Art-Venture!

A couple of days ago I hinted that I had some news and art experimentation in the pipeline but I wasn’t able to share with you just yet, well today I decided to stop umming and ahhhing and putting things off and just jump in at the deep end and announce my plans anyway!

Some of you might recall my free rubber stamping e-newsletters and websites I used to write many years ago? Well as you may or may not remember I decided to quit doing them at the time after falling ill with fibro and at the time I desperately needed a break. Well lately I’ve been getting itchy fingers and have been dying to share techniques and tutorials again but wasn’t sure how to go about it, I did a lot of pondering and thinking about it and in the end decided to come up with a new blog so that I could publish my new technique tweaks.

So here it is:


artrospectives – Technique Make Overs With Trish Bee

Technique Revival, revisiting old stamping, card making and mixed media art techniques and giving them a fresh make over and modern twist using new tools and art supplies that we didn’t have way back then!
The blog can be found at the following link:
Ive already written the first make over so run along and see what it is!

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