Cat Food Boxes Storage – The Sequel

Ok I’ll admit it that I must be slightly ever so obsessed with cat food boxes the amount of times I find myself dabbling with them!

It happened like this; remember over a week ago I tipped the CD storage tower I was using on its side and plonked it on top of my table for easier access of my paints?

Well I’ve been looking around for some matching baskets to put the paints in as I wasn’t happy with the mish mash that was happening. Now could I find any baskets that I liked? You guessed it, nope I couldn’t, all I wanted was 12 matching baskets in the same colour that I actually liked it’s not too much to ask for is it?

So what was I to do? Yep you guessed it, it was time to raid the collection of empty cat food boxes I had stashed and make my own!

I cut them all down to the same sizes, reinforced them.with masking tape, added gesso and once it was dry I painted each box a different colour to relate with the contents that I was going to store in it. Once the paint was dry I stencilled them all in white to give them a uniform collective feel.

Here they are in their places:


Close Ups:




So there they are all lined up in a row!

What did I discover from this latest storage making session? I have too many blues and greens! So many that I had to make 2 boxes for each; one for dark shades and one for light.

I also discovered that I really have so few purples! I must do something about that!!!

Trish Bee

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6 thoughts on “Cat Food Boxes Storage – The Sequel

  1. I think you have a wonderful collection. The boxes look great and I like the idea of stenciling them all the same.
    I’m curious – what do you use the shaving brush for? :0)

  2. Thanks for commenting, the shaving brushes are used with rubber stamp inkpads to get a light airbrushed effect in the background on card stock.

  3. What a great idea that you came up with for your cat boxes as these have turned out excellent.

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