Chalk Markers Experiment Tag Art

Today while on our prescription run in town I popped into the local craft store and bought a stash of goodies to play with.

One of the things I picked up where 3 jumbo chalk window markers, they are in neon colours and noticed that they were liquid at the bottom which kinda reminded me of the daubers and dabbers you can buy like for instance the distress stains and hero arts neon daubers which are all the range.


These guys only cost me Β£2 a pop so I grabbed them to have a play with.

It states on the tube that they are permanent on porous surfaces such as paper and fabric which is what sold me on them!

Here is one of the colours swiped across white card:


Then I sprayed water over to see what would happen:


A nice watercolour wash! I like it!

One thing I noticed is that you have to use uncoated card, so glossy card stock is no good as it is shiny and the marker colour just wipes off! But they work on your ordinary bog standard card so win win!

I tried stamping with them too:


I liked the result a lot!

I also discovered a neat stencil trick to use with them:

1. Wipe the marker onto the plastic stencil like so:


2. Spray with water:


3. Place a card or tag onto the stencil and press down:


4. Remove card or tag to reveal pattern!


Ain’t that cool?

Anyway I enjoyed an afternoons play with these markers so much I made 3 tags!

Here they are below, notice I used my handmade masking tape on them too!




I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff to share!

Trish Bee

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4 thoughts on “Chalk Markers Experiment Tag Art

  1. Love this idea – I’ve been playing with bolder colors, as well. And your green nail polish is great!

  2. Fabulous ideas Trish thanks so much for sharing πŸ˜€ I too love the nail polish πŸ˜‰

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