2014 Intentions Journal Page

On Our Art  Cafe group our monthly challenge for January is to create a new year intentions page with a list of your dreams and ideals for the forthcoming year, when I started playing with this background I had no idea this is what it would become, it just came about from playing with paints, papers and shapes as you can see from all of the pictures below.

Step 1: the page started life as one of my messy mop up pages that I use for cleaning off my brushes on:

SAM_1328 (1)

Step 2: I glued on random scraps of paper over the surface:

SAM_1329 (1)

Step 3: I added a little stencilling:

SAM_1330 (1)

Step 4: I added random painted circles in purple, pink and black and set it aside to dry:

SAM_1331 (1)

SAM_1332 (1)

Step 5: I added circles from book paper that Id painted in a creamy colour acrylic paint:


Step 6: I added the chipboard numbers 2014, and then used a white gel pen to add highlights to the page, then finally scribbled down my 2014 intentions into the circles:




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