Journal 52 Handmade Book Covers

I have decided to take part in the Journal52 challenge, it looks like good fun with 52 prompts for the new year, you can join the facebook group here if you would like to give it a whirl:

For this challenge I decided to make my book covers 6×6 in size, its a size I haven’t worked with much so I am looking forward to the challenge. I had some blank chipboard covers already in my stash so I covered them with torn scrap papers and added a sheet of embossed card that I had embossed with an embossing folder.

The colour of the book covers was achieved by adding many layers of purple and metallic paints and inks, then finally sanding the whole thing to give it the distressed look I was going for.

I added 2 huge book rings so that I could add a lot of pages to it, and the numerals where cut from scrapbook paper 🙂


SAM_1338 (1)

One thought on “Journal 52 Handmade Book Covers

  1. hI trish so glad you are back!!!! I am so happy to be in Journal52 with you and as I’ve not done one thing yet I think I may just blatantly copy you even the 6×6 size. Of course in my own style though, but I’m your twin with using what we got. That loose-leaf set-up is such a forgiving and easy way to go and who doesn’t have 56,000 book rings laying around? LOL You better not disappear again cuz next time I’m hunting you down if you do. Gosh! You are too much of a treasure to misplace. xoxo

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