Unleash Your Inner Butterfly Journal Page

The first prompt for the Journal52 group is to SOAR…to be perfectly honest when I started playing with this page I wasn’t even thinking about this challenge, it just happened all by itself.

To begin with I just let my brush dance on the page, I selected a palette of 4 colours and just played around with shapes and adding colour blocks to the page, once I had done that I used black paint to add some form to some of the shapes and give them random outlines, then set it to dry wondering what to do with it next….


Then an idea hit me, I wanted to make a butterfly fly out of the background, to do this I took a sheet of scrap paper and folded it in half, then using a pencil I drew a random half butterfly-ish shape as you can see below:


Then folded it out to reveal a butterfly!


I used the butterfly shape as a mask, I put it over the background, then painted over it using blue paint as you can see from the picture below:


Next using black paint I outlined the butterfly and painted in a body, once the paint was dry I used a white posca paint pen to outline the whole thing and make it pop:


Finally I added more dotted doodles on the page with the posca pen and then stamped out the quote which came to mind as I was making the page:


More pics for you:





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