Metallic Colour Dipped Leaves

Lately we have been taking a lot of walks through the park, which means of course it is a perfect opportunity for me to stop and soak in all the gorgeous colours of autumn in its multicolour splendour.

I can’t stop myself from scooping up fallen leaves just so I can look at their shapes and colours, infact I find it impossible to resist bringing them home with me!

I wanted a way to both preserve these leaves and incorporate them in my work, so I came up with this neat colour dipping idea for the leaves whilst playing around on my art table.

I first tried it with ordinary acrylic paints but found they soaked into the leaves and it wasnt the effect I was looking for, so I next tried metallic paints which are more glossy than ordinary paint and the effect was a whole lot cooler.

To make the leaves have a kind of marbled metallic look; I placed different colours of metallic paint onto a sheet of baking parchment (you could use a non stick surface protector or similar).

In all I used 5 different colours; metallic purple, metallic red, gold, silver and copper.

I placed 5 generous gloops of paint onto my surface all next to each other; and then using the actual leaf I dipped it right into the paint to transfer the various colours!

Once the leaf was colour dipped, I placed it onto a non-stick baking parchment sheet to air dry and left them overnight.

It was quite addictive colour dipping the leaves and I found that once I’d started I couldnt stop!!

To help further protect the leaves and preserve them I used glossy accents (you could use diamond glaze or resin) to apply a protective glaze to the front of the leaves and also on the reverse to bond them to the art boards.

I had a lot of fun with this idea and can’t wait to colour dip some more leaves!



6 thoughts on “Metallic Colour Dipped Leaves

  1. I love the way your leaves turned out! Did you use leaves that had been dried? Or just used the ones that you picked up without drying them first?

  2. I used leaves that had turned brown and golden so they were very fragile prior to my dipping them, the only treatment I did was to wash them in soapy water then dried on paper towels.

  3. These were cheap paints, not expensive, Do Crafts and Royal Langernickle do them for around £1-£1.75 a bottle. I did consider using my Lumieres and Stewart Gill metallic but tried it on el cheapo first to test and it worked a treat.

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