Handmade Postcards From 1 Collage Sheet

Yesterday I finished off some handmade postcards that I had started, they originally started life as a huge A3 sheet which I had glued various scrapbook papers and scraps all over and then added paint and ink for a bit of colour. I couldn’t decide what to do with the large background so I decided to cut it down to make a set of different postcards. What I like about these postcards is that you wouldn’t think they all came from the same background sheet because they kinda look so different from each other.

I love to make backgrounds in this manner, I find it helps me if I get stuck for inspiration and don’t know what to do; I start gluing papers down in any old fashion and adding a slap of paint or ink and before I know it my muse is on a roll and I cant stop!

Here are all the postcards I created from 1 sheet below, they are a bit shiny so the pictures aren’t too hot but you get the drift:




A different angle of the same postcards above:




I took the picture at a different angle so you could see the metallic fabric I used on the postcard:



Art Canvas Board

I’ve been playing around again with the inks and paints, this time I created a small canvas board which I’d covered with printed tissue, then I painted over with Rock Candy Distress Crackle paint, once it was dry  I sprayed over with various colours of ink till I got a look I liked. I finished it off using chipboard letters which I painted.

Pretty easy to make and fun too!



Mixed Media Metallic Textured Canvas

I finally finished my larger mixed media metallic canvas that I was working on, I glued on lots of metal bits, buttons, charms, brooches, jewellery findings, washers, fabric roses and anything I could find then painted over with black gesso. Once dried  I highlighted all the edges using metallic acrylic paints.

I’ve taken a few close up shots as well as the whole thing but the pictures aren’t very good due to the shine of the metallic which catches the flash and doesn’t show up too well but you can get the general idea.






More Random Creations

Some pieces of artwork I recently did, if you have any questions just fire a comment in the box!

12×12 page Art Journey


12×12 page: sometimes I think that my paints and papers are the only ones who understand how I feel.


12×12 doodled stencilled flowers


Birds of a Feather drawing


paper and paint layered collage



12×12 doodled page with painty layers




12×12 nature page with real leaves


my journey journal page


paper and paint feather doodle and lettering


quick journal page I did:


a tongue in cheek 12×12 page



More Creations To Share

Another gallery type post to show you what else I’ve been up to lately, I cant believe how much stuff I’ve made! It all adds up when you look at it together, I’m quite shocked!

Layered Snowflake postcards, these are very glittery!


12×12 page I started ages ago but couldn’t finish it because I didn’t know what to do with it, I finally got inspiration to finish it:


Inspire Mdf word covered with printed tissue papers and then painted with brown paints:


12×12 collage, I haven’t done anything else to this yet because I like it just how it is.


12×12 collage painting, inspired by the childrens nursey rhyme ‘1,2,3,4,5, once  I caught a fish alive’