Painted Leaf Postcard

I want to share with you a postcard  I created using a real leaf, it was one of my first experiments I did prior to my metallic colour dipped leaves project to see how the real leaves reacted to being painted. I didn’t like how this turned out much but was glad I created it because it allowed my to further explore painting on leaves to create the metallic dipping method.

For this card, I first placed a leaf onto white card and used various shades of brown paint to drag colour over the top. When the paint had dried I discovered it had soaked right into the leaf and was totally absorbed almost to the point of being invisible, it was then that I realised I needed to use a metallic or pearlescant paint to colourise the leaves because these types of paints are more plastic y and shiny in their nature and therefore don’t soak into paper; instead they sorta sit on top.

Not wanting to waste this leaf I decided to paint over it again with white gesso, I had to be careful when painting because it was quite delicate, and then before the gesso had a chance to dry or soak more into the leaf I used resin to glue it to the card front and left it to dry overnight and hoped for the best.

I’m really glad I decided to use resin as it gave the leaf a good solid shiny yet textured finish, which also preserved the leaf and stopped it from being crumbly like it was before I did this.

To finish the card I outlined it with heavy black pencil to kinda make it pop and added the sentiment.