Snowflake Christmas Cards

It must be years since I last made some Christmas cards! I can’t honestly remember when I last made any, I do however remember a time when I vowed never to make another Christmas card never E V E R again as long as I lived…. and yet here I am donkeys years later having a whirl playing around making something festive! I didn’t even plan on making any so I surprised even myself when I did!

It all started out when I visited the craft store (hobbycraft) and bought a set of 3 wooden snowflake die cut shapes for £1, I’ve always loved snowflakes and when I saw them I had to have them but didn’t pay much thought to what Id actually DO with them! You know how it is when your in the craft shop; these things seem to jump into your basket without meaning to 😛

When I got them home I decided to see what they would look like if I used them as stencil masks and stippled some paint through them and then I sprayed dye inks over them too, I thought both ideas turned out pretty neat and liked what I saw and this is where I got a bit carried away and made what seems like zillions of the blighters. Infact I made so many I still have tonz more left I haven’t used yet!

Below is the picture of the wooden die cut snowflakes:



And here are all the cards (and tag and ATC) I created using the backgrounds I made with the snowflakes (if you click the pictures they open up bigger) :

I dread to think what I’m gonna end up making next!