Dylusional Christmas Tree Ornaments

I bought some cheap papier-mache blanks from The Range for 50p each when I was last in there with the intention of tarting up and making them look grungy. Yesterday I finally finished making them and quite like how they turned out, infact I might get some more to play with.

To begin with I painted them with white gesso because they were originally craft brown colour and I wanted to cover them with printed tissue, once the gesso was dry I glued over printed tissue paper with words and musical scores and let them dry.

At this point I wasn’t sure what to do next so left them to sit for a few days, yesterday it just so happened I had some extra metallic paint I needed to use up because I’d squeezed too much out of the tube, so I used my fingers to apply paint to the ornaments along the edge, ridges and folds.

I used a heat gun to force dry the paint and then using my Dylusions spray inks I blasted the ornaments with a generous coat of ink, I like how the metallic paint resists the ink and gives it a neat effect, below are some pictures of the fronts and backs – very bright and cheerful! Cheap and easy to do as well, would be perfect for the kids to do too!

oct21ornaments1 oct21ornaments2 oct21ornaments3 oct21ornaments4



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