Mixed Media Door Hanger

Lately I’m doing a lot of creating at my art desk and loving it! So I figured it was time I made a couple of blog posts to show you what I’ve been up to before I forget!

I’ve had these blank mdf door hangers forever which I had safely stashed away and saved for ‘one day’, to be honest I’d forgotten all about them. Last week  I went looking through my stuff for inspiration and came across them and decided that the one day had finally at long last arrived!

I decided to give the door hanger the old mixed media texture treatment, so to begin with I painted the whole thing in black gesso and let it dry. Once it was dried I used glue to glue on textured papers and random bits of metal findings, washers, buttons, bows, charms, sequins, tile spacers – anything I could find actually. It took a couple of days to dry properly, once it was finally dry I stippled over the whole lot with black gesso and left it to air dry.

Next was the fun part; using metallic acrylic paints and interference paints applied by my fingertips I gently rubbed on the metal colours on all the raised bits; you can use the rub & buff waxes and treasure gold for this too but I don’t have any because I’ve been told they smell and I can’t handle strong smells so I used metallic acrylic paints instead.

Anyway here is what the completed door hanger looks like:


Close up of the texture:


This is a canvas I’m now working on, it hasn’t been rubbed with the metal paints yet so its a before shot:


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