Mixed Media Metallic Textured Canvas

I finally finished my larger mixed media metallic canvas that I was working on, I glued on lots of metal bits, buttons, charms, brooches, jewellery findings, washers, fabric roses and anything I could find then painted over with black gesso. Once dried  I highlighted all the edges using metallic acrylic paints.

I’ve taken a few close up shots as well as the whole thing but the pictures aren’t very good due to the shine of the metallic which catches the flash and doesn’t show up too well but you can get the general idea.






4 thoughts on “Mixed Media Metallic Textured Canvas

  1. I have a hard time with mixed media – what do I like? – what would I do? Seeing your wonderful work, I know what I like and I know what I want to do! I love your mixed media pieces.

  2. That’s a super piece, Trish; I have already painted dried leaves with metallic paint, as per your instructions and now using the technique for Christmas cards; so glad that you are back blodding. Sheila

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