Handmade Postcards From 1 Collage Sheet

Yesterday I finished off some handmade postcards that I had started, they originally started life as a huge A3 sheet which I had glued various scrapbook papers and scraps all over and then added paint and ink for a bit of colour. I couldn’t decide what to do with the large background so I decided to cut it down to make a set of different postcards. What I like about these postcards is that you wouldn’t think they all came from the same background sheet because they kinda look so different from each other.

I love to make backgrounds in this manner, I find it helps me if I get stuck for inspiration and don’t know what to do; I start gluing papers down in any old fashion and adding a slap of paint or ink and before I know it my muse is on a roll and I cant stop!

Here are all the postcards I created from 1 sheet below, they are a bit shiny so the pictures aren’t too hot but you get the drift:




A different angle of the same postcards above:




I took the picture at a different angle so you could see the metallic fabric I used on the postcard:



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