Art Journal Prompts

Expressive Junk Journalling Prompts

– sketchbook and journalling prompts for the unafraid

There is nothing worse than journallers block! Staring at a blank page not knowing what to write or doodle on it – its a nightmare!

This page features NEW art journal prompts to hopefully kickstart your muse into action.

For more inspiration you can view my previous page of prompts here:

Prompt #1:

Use the picture below to inspire you to create an Art Journal Page – you can use the shapes, colours or whatever you like to inspire your page art:

Prompt #2:

Including the word NATURE; choose 18 words which make you think of Nature and include them in a decorated Nature themed journal page.

Prompt #3:

Shades of_____________” – Fill in the blank with your choice of colour and create a page or peice using shades of that colour.

Prompt #4:

Drawing From A Picture: Go outside and take a photograph of an object, it can be anything – a flower, a ball, a bike, a bucket etc. Then create a sketch/doodle on your journal page inspired by your photograph. You can if you wish include the photo you took on the same page as a reference.


This ebook features a full years worth of ideas; one for every single day of the year! Lots of ideas and inspirational art kicks to choose from.

You can get your free copy of the pdf ebook by clicking on the following link and downloading directly from the page.

Cynthia’s Blog: A Year of Blogging and Journaling Ideas.


2 thoughts on “Art Journal Prompts

  1. This is great! I’m just starting an art journal, and these prompts will be useful. I’ll be using the nature one right now!

  2. Visiting from The Craft Barn – Spotted this page and thought I would have a peek. Such a great idea for newbies like me. Thank you :0)
    Newest follower here :0) Mo

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