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Hello its me again, as you have probably guessed, I don’t blog anymore. But I do share all my artwork and creations on my Instagram. Maybe you would like to follow me? Ive been creating every day so far this year so there is plenty of eye candy. If you have any questions about anything I’ve created just comment and I’ll reply! Thanks and hope to see you on Instagram, my url is:

New Facebook Group

Hello, its been a very long time since I last blogged in 2014! I took an extended break from creating for several years and life just “happened” Sadly I lost my mum in December last year, although she was terminally ill it was still a massive shock and heart breaking.

This year to help channel my grief I have started art journalling again and so far managed to create every single day this year.

I have started a Facebook group for peeps who are interested in all things creative, art Journalling, mixed media and more! I would love for you to join us! The link is:

My Documented Life Project 2015

I’ve decided to join in with the documented life project for next year which will be in an art journal this time, I must admit I signed up for it this year too but I never took to the paper in my planner as it didn’t *feel* right and it was too thin, so because of this I barely touched the planner or did any of the challenges.

I didn’t realise how important paper was before this and always took it for granted, its such a personal choice and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.  If it doesn’t feel right to you then you won’t use it, like I never used my planner this year because the quality of the paper set my teeth on edge!

The Challenge next year is taking part in a large Dylusions Journal, these journals are great for multiple techniques although I don’t like how the inks always bleed through the seams and ruins the previous pages. After seeing the initial announcement and excitement for next years challenge I set about thinking how it would work best for me. And in the end I decided to do it *MY* way as always…whats new! *rolls eyes*

Today I’m sharing with you what I plan to use for the challenges for my Document Life Project 2015!

I’m currently in love with creating on individual pages, they give me more artistic freedom than working in a journal, plus I can chop and change to different sizes whenever the mood takes me instead of abandoning another journal for the shiny new one (anyone recognise this trait or is it just me?)

So I decided to take a large A4 Lever Arch Ring Binder and decorate it myself to make it into a tip-in journal of sorts.

  • First thing I did was completely cover it with different colours of scrap papers, scrapbook papers and anything I could get my hands on, I didn’t think too much about this stage I just glued down the papers until I was happy with how it looked:



  • Once the glue was dry I painted over the entire thing in different shades of green and yellow acrylic paint:



To finish it off I used patterned duct tape along all the edges to give it strength:



I’m quite please with how it turned out!

Next I took a large stash of A4 papers, cards, scrapbook papers in different colours, types, grades and patterns and punched holes in them all and added sticky hole reinforcers to protect and give them strength. The 12×12 scrapbook pages where a little large for the file so I folded them to make a kind of pocket sleeve which I can either tear off or make into a pocket at a later date. I also finger painted the inside of the file to make it look a little brighter and cheery as you can see from the picture below:



While I have your attention Id like to share with you my first page that I did for the file, its for my 15 minute pact; a promise to myself to do 15 minutes of art everyday no matter how busy or tired or sore Im feeling. 15 minutes is very do-able I think 🙂


What are your creative plans for 2015?




Artful Alphabet Returns

Many moons ago I had a lense on Squidoo for the Artful Alphabet, in their wisdom they deleted it because they said it contained unsuitable material, which it didnt, I dont see how a page with lists of colours, techniques and themes sorted in an A-Z list can be unsuitable but anyway their loss! I’ve since found my original list on the wayback machine and have imported it on my blog here, you can see it on the following link:

Some of it is dated cos I wrote it donkeys years ago, but you get the idea. If you’d like to see anything on the list just post a comment!

Thanks a lot


Handmade Postcards From 1 Collage Sheet

Yesterday I finished off some handmade postcards that I had started, they originally started life as a huge A3 sheet which I had glued various scrapbook papers and scraps all over and then added paint and ink for a bit of colour. I couldn’t decide what to do with the large background so I decided to cut it down to make a set of different postcards. What I like about these postcards is that you wouldn’t think they all came from the same background sheet because they kinda look so different from each other.

I love to make backgrounds in this manner, I find it helps me if I get stuck for inspiration and don’t know what to do; I start gluing papers down in any old fashion and adding a slap of paint or ink and before I know it my muse is on a roll and I cant stop!

Here are all the postcards I created from 1 sheet below, they are a bit shiny so the pictures aren’t too hot but you get the drift:




A different angle of the same postcards above:




I took the picture at a different angle so you could see the metallic fabric I used on the postcard: