Some Calendars for a Christmas swap

Its that time of year again where I make my obligatory art calenders for Christmas swaps and gifts!

Spoiler Warning – do not peek if your in Xmas swaps with me!

These calendars where all made using different handmade backgrounds, the houses you can see on each calendar was made using recycled felix cat food boxes cut into house shapes. I added corrugated card and fun foam to make a recess to the front of the house and painted it with burgundy acrylic paint. I added highlights to the ridges of the corrugate with copper acrylic and then made some fabric paper and painted it red and cut it into hearts to make the hearts inside the houses.

See below, click on any pics for larger images:

Close up of one of the houses:


Meander Book Pages Finished

Ive been pretty quiet the past few days as I have been finishing off my Meandering book pages for a swap I am in, the deadline is fast approaching and I needed to get them finished off so I didnt get told off by Ms Bossy Boots who is hosting the swap! Eeeeek!

Heres my completed pages below and blurb about how I did them etc…

This is Annie’s book page, she chose a theme of Birds. I dont know what it is about birds but I find myself drawn to them. To make the bird shape on the page I got a silhouette of a bird and I transformed it onto a cereal box and cut it out to make a stencil. I then added the white paint using a paint marker I had. It didnt feel complete so I added a tree branch and a zig zag border and a moon – or is it a sun?

Song Bird Meander Book Page

This is Rachels book page, her theme was anything with wings 🙂 I was in full bird mode having just finished Annie’s page, so I decided to carry on with the birds! I made the bird outline using a cereal packet and a craft knife. I created the bird shape using silver contour paste to give it a raised glossy 3d feel. Once the paste was dry I outlined it with black marker and added some metallic outlines to accent. Plus I added the obligatory black and white border and quote 🙂

Birds Sing Meander Book Page

This is my book page for Wendys book, her theme was all things Vintage 🙂 Heres my contribution….

Vintage Belle Meander Book Page

This is one of 2 pages as I decided to decorate the fronts and backs of Jessie’s page, her theme was Vixens. Not vixens as in lady foxes but vixens as in Foxy Ladies! I decided to opt for a real women meets feminista approach and used some images of cowgirls for my pages. I actually did some sewing on this one!!! Dont all faint 😉

Women Calling The Shots Meander Book Page

I was searching for a suitable quote and this one on this page made me smile.

Men Are Like Parachutes Meander Book Page

This is Carols page, her theme was Faces. But we werent allowed to use wings or hats with the faces – a bit cruel I thought!! I decided to go with the moon face for this page theme, I made the face using air drying clay. The background was already painted metallic paints so I decided to optimise the metallic by adding some 3d texture using silver contour liner. When it was dry I used my markers to add further accents and also the quote was added.

Shoot For The Moon Meander Book Page

Green Man Meander Book Pages

These pages are for Mawgans book, her theme is Green Man.

This is the first stage where I inked some papers up using various shades of green inks and cut them out into freeform leaf shapes using scissors.

I then stuck the leaves loosely down onto the book page using double sided tape. They arent stuck completely down onto the background, this is so the leaves kinda flutter upwards and are 3 dimensional.

See below:

Green Man Meander Page Stage 1

I dont have any green man stamps or moulds I decided to improvise and used a clay mould of a tribal face mould I have.

I painted the face with forest acrylic paint and then swipted over the top with Stewart Gill Bright Gold paint.

Green Man Meander Page Stage 2

Green Man Meander Page Stage 2

I decided the page didnt feel finished so I edged each leaf with green marker pen and then added a dotty border.

Now its finished.

Green Man Meander Page Stage 3

Green Man Meander Page Stage 3