Leafy Artist Trading Cards

Heres a selection of Leafy diecut artist trading cards I just finished up, I used spray inks to add colour and my pens to do a bit of scribbling on them. Not exactly rocket science I know but I enjoyed the processs of making them.

More Zendoodles To Share

Still feeling under the weather healthwise, which is why Ive not been showing my face online or blogging.

Our much promised hot HOT Summer weather didnt happen! Instead we’ve had constant rain and damp and wind. August has been so cold that we have had the heating on!! Im back to walking with the bow legged shuffle for the time being, it feels as if Winter has come early! Already the nights are drawing in and its dark for 9pm, and to make matters worse Im craving for hot soups, stews, porridge and hot chocolate all the time!! All my Winter comfort foods…

Ive been fitting in a bit of doodling here and there over the past few days, at least by doing that I feel as if I am doing *something* creative… baby steps I know!

Heres my Zendoodle Atcs and Book Marks below:

Black & White Zendoodle Atcs:

Zendoodle ATCZendoodle ATC

Zendoodle ATCZendoodle ATC

Zendoodle ATCZendoodle ATC

Stained Glass Style Atcs:

Stained Glass Style Zendoodle ATCStained Glass Style Zendoodle ATC

Zendoodle Bookmarks:

Zendoodle BookmarkZendoodle Bookmark

Zendoodle BookmarkZendoodle Bookmark

Colourised Zendoodle Bookmark

Zendoodle Artist Trading Cards

Heres some more artist trading cards I doodled up recently. Ive been under the weather for the past couple of weeks due to my usual health problems so havent had much opportunity to make and share much artwork. These atcs I did below helped while away the hours waiting for my meds to start working and keep me sane 🙂

Zendoodle AtcZendoodle Atc

Zendoodle AtcZendoodle Atc

Zendoodle AtcZendoodle Atc

Zendoodle AtcZendoodle Atc

Zendoodle AtcZendoodle Atc

Zendoodle Atc

ATC Alphabet Experiment E is For….

I made this atc for the ATC Alphabet Experiment over on Next Generations Group. I couldnt think what else to do for the letter E so I just sat down with my sharpie pen and doodled on the atc.

The theme of this atc is Elements – each section represent each of the 4 elements – Earth, Air, Water & Fire. I decided to add colour using the Van Gogh technique.

E is for Elements ATC

The theme of this atc is EYE, Im fascinated by eyes, I truly believe they are the windows to our souls. I decided to go with the ‘zendoodle’ style which I seems to be doing a lot these days for this atc.

E is for EYE ATC

More Watercoloured Zendoodle Atcs

Another doodled atc which I did with my sharpies. I added colour to this one using a mixture of gel pens and marker pens. I decided to add the colour in the style of the Van Gogh technique.

Tree Of Life Zendoodle ATC

Im addicted to doodling on atcs at the moment, they are a perfect size, not too big and not too small. I added colour to this using Inktense pencils.

Leaf Zendoodle ATC

Another artist trading card using the Zendoodling style Ive grown so fond of recently. I added colour using Derwent Inktense watercolour pencils.

Star Zendoodle ATC