Textured Picture Frame

This is a textured frame that I have been working on lately, believe it or not I actually I used clean cat litter glued onto the wooden frame to give it a texture! Yup I must be losing my marbles, either that or I’m just a texture freak!

Once the glue had dried I gessoed over with white gesso and then painted over with purple acrylic paint and interference medium.


Close up of the texture:


I love working with interference medium because it makes the pieces shimmer, when you hold it up to the light you get different colour changes!

I haven’t decided what I’m going to put in the frame yet, I’ll keep you posted! 

Updated Blog Template

Just a quick blog post to say I’ve just updated the blog template as wordpress was nagging me to do it, changed the colour scheme and also added a brand new header to the blog which is cropped from one of my painty bits that I created earlier using Google Picassa a free downloadable image editing program. Its a pretty handy program to have as it lets you put text over the images like I did on the header:

facebook_137241451-2 (1)

A Birthday Present

Tomorrow is my 45th birthday, my pardner in crime has bought me a new digital smart camera for my birthday!

I’ve been using my old Canon digital camera for years now since our fur baby was a pupster and she is nearly 9! While my old camera still works and there is nothing wrong with it I really needed a change because it is only 5 megapixels and I have found it a real challenge to get a good picture of the detail in my journal pages, particularly when I am using multiple layers, it simply just doesn’t pick them up.

My new camera is 16 megapixels so its a huge improvement on my old one with the added bonus that I can share images directly from the camera itself on facebook and other social media networks!

Below is a close up picture of my latest journal page which I took with my old camera:


The picture below is the same journal page taken with my new camera, the colours are more true and you can actually see the sharper stencil design detail in the background!



The pic above was my first shot so I need to practise and take lots of pictures to learn how to use it – cant wait as I love playing with gadgets 😀

Making My Own Art Canvases

I came across this fab tutorial online for making art canvases from recycled Soap Boxes on Alma Stoller’s blog recently, you can read all about it on the following url:


After reading this tutorial I have been obsessed with collecting and re-purposing all the boxes and packaging I can get my hands on!

Heres some of my boxes that I prepared with masking tape to reinforce them prior to adding the layer of papers:

I even applied masking tape to the cardboard mailing packages that Amazon send out the books you buy in so I could make them into art boards:

One of my handmade canvases with a layer of printed book paper on it prior to gesso-ing

A stack of handmade canvases waiting to be art-ed on:

Now I have art canvases in all shapes and sizes, trouble is I cant stop making them!!